Welcome! My name is Adelma Lilliston, CHHC, MBA. I am a holistic wellness and relationship consultant. I work with smart, powerful, heartfelt women and men to create deeper health and fulfillment.

My Specialties

  • Creating lasting wellness via holistic nutrition, lifestyle and mindset
  • Loving Weight Loss and Stress Management
  • Balancing mood and perfectionism to be your best
  • Rebuilding a strong foundation after illness or extremes
  • Creating more connected relationships and attracting love

To hear more about me and why I do this work, visit About.

I work with people via:

Sessions are in Midtown Manhattan or worldwide by Skype.

Not sure what makes the most sense for you, or have a problem in wellness, love or fulfillment but don’t know where to start?

Contact me or set up a quick chat (15 minutes) for suggestions on where to start. No charge.




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