You are more than your number.

Do you track a number? Time, miles, dollars…

Most of us do, it’s useful for seeing progress.

Just be wary of the number becoming the measure of your worth. When your value is outside of you, always are reaching for the next rung. No matter how high you go, you never feel quite fulfilled.

Your value is not in what you deliver or how many 20 out of 20’s you get. It’s in your unique creation, who you are for your family and friends, who you are when no one is watching.

No one can take that from you. You are expansive and whole, like the moon. Breathe deeply and feel your fullness.

Who are you?



How do I find my purpose?

Whether you are seeking a more fulfilling career or greater focus in what you are already doing, the desire for purpose is profound and beautiful.

You may be like me, 15 years into a career you thought you wanted only to discover it is taking too great a toll on your body. Or maybe something is missing. A deep, inner missing.

The good news is your purpose is probably closer than you think.

For tips on how to find your purpose, check out my article on Mind Body Green:

What to find your purpose but have no idea what it is?

How has this process been for you – what are you discovering? Leave a comment below!



Joy at the Core (The secret to career fulfillment)

A lot of people ask me: “how did you know what you wanted to do?” And more to the point, “how do I know what I really want, what brings me fulfillment?

This is one of the toughest questions for many of us. We can DO very well. Give me a goal and I’ll figure out a way to get there with a plan, timeline, bullet points etc.

That’s not the point. The point is what do you want?

We think we SHOULD know and so we put all this pressure on ourselves. Then when it doesn’t appear, we give up.

My process was 100% unscientific, and long. Though now I have done itI can reverse engineer it for you, along with a huge dose of intuition and reading people.

I truly believe that following your joy is the key to finding the right fit and creating fulfillment. 

The reason I focus 30% of my time on food is only partially because of how good it feels to get health issues like hormones, weight and hypertension sorted out. Feeling good for the next 40 years is well worth the investment. I absolutely want this for everyone, which is why I did a post MBA degree in nutrition.

But the real reason is that food is a daily pleasure, a practice of joy. If you are not there yet, it’s ok. You will get there.

Once joy became my experience (instead of fear, self judgment and anger), it led me to explore other sources of joy, which brought me to this work.

The more I explored, the more “right” it felt. Until I just had to do it. The fear of judgment and economic uncertainty melted. (More on that next time).

So here’s a fun challenge: explore your joy this holiday

Show a little love and leave a comment below – what’s your joy?