Try the Smart Cleanse

I thought I ate really well.

Yogurt for breakfast, soup or salad for lunch and often a home cooked meal for dinner because I love to cook. I ran 18 miles a week to energize me and balance the stress of corporate life. But at 3pm my energy dipped — I had to have a cookie or M&Ms to keep me going. My waistline didn’t change so I thought it was fine.

I was simply blown away at difference tweaking my diet further made. No more 3pm slump,  jumping from one idea to the next or reactiveness.

So I developed the SmartCleanse to help you be more energized, focused and productive.

It is a 5 day whole foods meal plan that replaces foods that zap energy with foods that fortify you. As a bonus, these foods also lower inflammation, the precursor to diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Here’s why: Sugar and refined carbohydrates like bread or bagels, create a rapid spike in blood sugar. It feels great in the moment, but it triggers your body to release extra insulin, bringing your blood sugar below normal and making you feel tired or cranky. Roller coaster! Many processed foods,  like ketchup and pretzels, contain high fructose corn syrup which produces the same cycle.

Conversely, protein with good fat and vegetables create a focused, level energy that lasts for hours.

It gets worse. Sugar, processed foods and trans fats cause inflammation, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease and memory problems. Read more on that from Harvard Medical School here.

The SmartCleanse is Simple, Smart & Effective Whole Food Meal Plan

  • It gets you off sugar in 5 days by eating whole, nutritious foods with little added sugar
  • There are no juices or calorie deprivation so you will not yo-yo back.

Smart Cleanse For Women Image

Because one size does not fit all, I created 3 versions. Click below to download the one you need.

Please note: You may feel withdrawal symptoms for the first 2 or 3 days. If are you are pregnant or nursing, do not cleanse.