Self Awareness: Learn What Drives You with the Enneagram


Ever wonder why you always find yourself exhausted, taking care of everyone else? Or why you are so driven to achieve but sometimes feel empty despite your accomplishments? In Enneagram speak you are probably a Giver or an Achiever.

What is the Enneagram Personality Model?

Often described as a soul map that draws on ancient wisdom, the Enneagram model identifies 9 interconnected types or energies that reflect simple, easy to understand personalities, such as the Giver, the Achiever or the Challenger.

Why I like it

As much as I wish we were simple, human beings are complex and ever changing.

I deeply appreciate the way that the Enneagram doesn’t pigeon hole anyone into one type, but rather seeks to explain our dominant type at the time, the driving forces behind this type and the awareness that will foster growth.

For example, as a Giver with a strong Achiever influence, it is hardest for me to see my own needs and ask for them and I can work too hard and have nothing left or feel empty. When I am overwhelmed, I become a challenger, shrewd and provocative. Creativity is my outlet, a way to reconnect with and own my truth.

In addition, the model identifies 3 instincts: Self Preservation, Sexual or (Connection) and Social (Adaptive) that create our orientation to the world. We tend to be very strong in one and very weak in another, which explained why I love to deep, soulful conversations and find it hard to adapt or “fake it”.

Where to take it

To take the free 10 minute version (which is good but not validated), the full version which takes 40 minutes and costs $10 or the separate instinctual variant test to identify your instinct, click here.