Build what's important to you

Are you at a crossroads, asking what’s next for me?

For many driven people this question is tricky. We are faced with a mountain of “shoulds’. I SHOULD:

  • go for the promotion
  • change jobs
  • date more
  • be a better partner
  • be healthier
  • volunteer for stuff
  • etc.

The problem with “shoulds” is that they are someone else’s idea of what’s right for you. You can follow them but it never feels fulfilling.


Instead, I say: build what’s important to you.

The fact is no one can do it all or be great at everything. Trying is exhausting. When you give up the “shoulds”, you give yourself permission to go for what’s important to you right now. At different points in your life it will change, so focus on the one thing that is most important to you now, this year.

The result: you feel more fulfilled from your efforts, spend more time on this activity and usually be highly successful at it: a virtuous cycle.

How do you know what’s important to you? Try answering these three questions:

  • What do you long for? What would you always regret not doing?
  • What lights you up?
  • What do you spend your free time (and money) on?

If your brain is still getting caught in the “shoulds”, try a collage. Tapping into the creative side of your brain will bypass the “shoulds” and show you want you really want.

For more info on how to do this, click here.


The Future Belongs to ThoseWhat a year! For many of you it has been a whirlwind of changes. Here’s to you for going for it! Among the gorgeous souls I work with, we have many firsts:

  • first marathon
  • starting the dream business, with raging success
  • writing the book
  • an exciting new job
  • loosing 30 pounds
  • being on the path to financial independence
  • dating a guy who makes her blush
  • falling in love while focusing on fulfillment
  • two babies and one on the way

Each is uniquely personal, fulfilling and shows the power of asking what’s important to you. Also striking is the sense of peace, joy and confidence that taking the time to invest in yourself brings. For more on their stories, click here.

In my corner of the world, I fell in love with best man I know and we moved to the country with grass between our toes. That’s several dreams at once 🙂

So I send a big THANK YOU to all my fabulous clients who trust me to make big leaps. THANK YOU to my mom, my family, to Savor, to the Res Dogs, to MJ and Marco at the amazing NY Loves Yoga, to MindBodyGreen and the Sky’s the Limit Radio, to Daria, Nozomi and my fierce FGMs.

And last but not least, to David. You were worth waiting for.

My wish for each of you this holiday season is for your own personal version of joy.


Chief Life Changer