Welcome! My name is Adelma Lilliston. I help women call in their deepest love.

Adelma Lilliston founded Joy & Brussels Sprouts Inc. to help women be more confident and create what’s important to them at work and at home. Her own desire for the awareness and confidence to navigate her own path led her to this work.

Deeply committed to being the change she wishes to see in this world and curious about people, Adelma has been empowering women for over a decade in corporate, school and workshop settings and since 2013 in private practice. Her articles have been published in Forbes and MindBodyGreen to name a few.

Prior to this venture, she worked for Unilever in brand management on the Dove Campaign for 6 years. She has also helped create highly successful behavior change campaigns as a strategist and researcher, helping teens choose alternatives to drugs and alcohol.

Adelma holds an MBA from Yale, a BA from Barnard in Psychology and is a Certified Coach, training at both IIN and the Enneagram Institute.