Can food make you more productive?

Can what you eat make you more productive?

Absolutely. Research shows that diet can impact your performance, especially energy and focus. Check out some of some of the research on brain food.

  •  Sugar can cause fatigue. Dramatic drops in blood sugar, caused by either not eating at regular 3 to 4 hour intervals or eating too much sugar then crashing 1 to 2 hours later, causes fatigue.
  • Sugar adds to anxiety and may compromise learning & memory, according to Psychology Today. More info here.
  • Sugar, processed foods and trans fats can cause inflammation, the precursor to diabetes and heart disease according to the Harvard Medical School. While this is not directly related to productivity, being sick is a major distraction. More info here.
  • Gluten can cause brain fog. If you are sensitive to gluten, one of the main symptoms is brain fog. This would not necessarily show up with a blood test or a celiac test. More info here.

Pulling it all together, here’s your optimal plan.

  • Get off added sugar, sweets and processed foods and keep blood sugar level.
  • Reduce gluten.
  • Eat lots of omega 3 proteins, including salmon and fatty fish, which have been shown to help children with ADD to improve organization. More info here.

Sounds like too much work? I made it easy for you. I am Adelma Lilliston, Wellness Coach, CHHC and MBA. I was a healthy corporate professional working for one of the biggest multinational companies. I am also a marathoner and generally eat well.

So I was blown away when I became a wellness consultant and tweaked my diet. No more 3pm slump, level energy all day. My focus was also tighter and I found my nerves calmer and less reactive to daily corporate life.

I developed my Smart Cleanse 5-day meal plan to set you up for success. It is a simple meal plan that brings together all the research above, in an easy to follow format.

  • A 1 page 5-day meal plan of smart whole foods that taste good and up your game
  • No juices, fasting or calorie deprivation, ever.

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