Burned out at work? Here’s what to do

Are you burned out from working too hard? Do you not even remember the last weekend you took or week you got a consistent 7 hours of sleep? Do you wish you had more time for you?
It feels like there is always more to do and you have to be the one to do it.  I get it. I was there.
Unfortunately the law of diminishing returns kicks in and those last few hours a night or on the 6th or 7th day are not very productive. So don’t waste your time. Commit yourself to working smarter, not harder.
When I tried it I was amazed had how much more energized, clear and productive I was. Refreshed, I tapped into the more creative, visionary side of my brain, connected more deeply in relationships and was generally more effective.
Here is a simple 3 step process. I suggest doing them one at a time.
Step 1. Schedule Smart. Do the big rocks first, the 1 or 2 things that will have the biggest impact. Train your team or virtual assistant to do the rest.
Here’s why: Your time and your brain are your biggest assets. Allocate them wisely.
Step 2. Schedule a non-work event 1-2 evenings a week and take at least 1 full day off a week. It could be an exercise class, a dinner, anything you enjoy that revitalizes you.
Here’s why: Remember the law of diminishing returns? You are least productive in your last few hours of work on the 7th day. Taking some time off will make you more energized and productive. Try it.
Step 3. Sleep 7 hours. Keep a pad by your bed so you can write down anything that keeps you up. Once it’s out, it’s much easier to sleep.
Here’s why: Sleep derivation impairs your brain functioning, your health and your sex drive. There is some indication that long term sleep deprivation can do permanent damage.

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