How to Make Change Easier

How to Make Change Easier

Hi Everyone,

For anyone who is making changes, you know it can be a mixed bag.

Take loosing weight or changing your thoughts. You have a strong motivation and a plan. But it’s really about sticking with it, past the obstacles that will inevitably arise.

Of course, I get impatient – I want results yesterday.

So I took a page from what usually works in my life – running. It works because long ago I decided it’s not about the race, it’s about the process. Like with most things, 98% of the experience is process anyway. And I love almost the whole process:  running, getting the gear, planning for the day, stretching, hanging out with runners, even working out injuries.

When the process is enjoyable, it’s easier to stick in there. Satisfaction is no longer dictated by an outcome, which is good because most outcomes are out of our control in many ways. And when you are having fun and are more engaged, things may go even better than you expect.

Want to try it? Try these tips to love the process of any change.

  1. Get curious. Treat it as a “go and see”. What happens when I do this? Pay close attention to how each aspect goes so you can learn from it, without being attached to the outcome.
  2. Enjoy the details. One great way to do this is by creating rituals. For example, have a breakfast you love or tea after dinner in a special mug.
  3. Get support. Join a group or a team or enlist a coach.
  4. Accept yourself no matter how it goes. Carve out time to replenish yourself.
  5. Be grateful. List 5 things you are grateful for everyday. You can’t be frustrated or angry when you are grateful. This one is more for you than (When I started running again after being barely able to walk about 20 months ago, runs kinda sucked. I said “thank you left, thank you right”)

Try loving the process with something you are working on! Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below or shooting me an email.

In Joy,




  1. Pamela Harrington says:

    As a writer I focus on the end. And it’s stressful. So if I focus on the process, as you say, it will take away loads of stress. THANKS FOR THE TIP!!


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