How do you banish temptation?

How do you banish temptation?

Maybe you have a plan. You know what you want to do. But then temptation strikes.

For example, you’re out with friends and everyone wants to try a new pizza place – but you just found out you have a dairy allergy. Saturday night went like that for me.

How do you handle this?

When temptation strikes, ask yourself: what have you successfully quit or changed? Perhaps it was quitting smoking or a relationship that didn’t work for you. Apply what worked there, here.

Usually what makes you successful is having a clear motivation, like knowing you want something better and keeping this vision in your mind.

Avoiding something really bad works too.

Then make sure you never feel deprived. Create your best option. For example, an arugula, pear and cranberry salad with a side of sauteed calamari or prosciutto is arguably equally amazing.

Much better. (Hint, this goes for any life changes you want to make.)

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