Why you crave sugar — and how to satisfy it in other ways

What was your first association with sweets?

Mine was crawling into my grandmother’s lap as she baked us chocolate chip cookies with her secret ingredient – orange juice. I remember it was always warm and soft there. No matter what the day had been like, I was happy and buzzing with energy. I felt special, deeply loved and cared for.

Fast forward nearly 30 years and dessert was still love to me. I would crave it when I wanted to cheer up after a tough day, or to make a special night more special.

But what I really wanted wasn’t sugar. It was warmth, connection and high energy. Cravings are strong cues to focus on what needs to be nourished.

Skipping the cookie and calling a friend or going for a run made me feel 10x better. These days, I have 2 desserts a week instead of 2 a day.

If you crave sugar or food that doesn’t work for your body, ask yourself what feeling are you seeking. Is it energy? Is it is an emotional lift?

Then consider what else gives you that feeling in a more lasting way. Do that instead.

Every food plays a role in our lives. Nourishing those cravings makes cutting sugar and foods that aren’t serving us much easier.

As always, if you’re looking for support to create lasting energy and satisfaction, set up a complementary consultation with me.


  1. A sweet memory is blue sky Popsicles from the musical ice cream truck!

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