Grass-Finished, Organic, Local… what should I eat?

Grass-Finished, Organic, Happy, Local… there are so many buzzwords in food today it’s hard to know what to focus on.

What’s most important in our food choices?

Here’s my definition. As a “Feel Good Foodie” I eat mainly delicious foods that make me feel good all day and tomorrow.

My recommendation is to follow these 3 core principles:

#1 Eat mostly vegetables with some proteins and whole grains like rice and quinoa, focusing on what your body craves each day. Find what you like. Skip processed foods (eg. Anything in a can, box or bag) and fried foods.

This is huge, even if you do it 70-80% of the time.

The other 20% indulge. Being good 100% of the time is no fun, not really good for you since your body needs fat and it NEVER works. That’s when I scarf down half a pie.

For those rockstars already there, nice work!

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#2 Know what makes you feel good, and what does not. Some people feel better when they eat meat, carbs or dairy, others can’t tolerate them.

Many of us have allergies that can impact our physical or mental wellbeing with symptoms that you would never associate with food, like pain or headaches. Further, often the body becomes addicted to what is actually harming it, as in the case of drugs. It’s worth the investment to know how what we eat is actually impacting our body through isolating foods.

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#3 Now that you have YOUR plan, optimize your food quality.

Skip the Chemicals: Look for Pesticide Free Vegetables and Fruit.

  • Swap out the most contaminated produce first, which is: salad greens, apples, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, grapes, bell peppers and potatoes
  • Local farm produce is a good option because it usually has fewer pesticides, is fresher, more flavorful and more environmental.
  • Watch out – Organic does not necessarily mean pesticide free.

Improve Your Proteins: When eating meat, focus on antibiotic free, humanely raised animal proteins. I don’t know about you, but I want my food to be healthy.

  • Look for Antibiotic-Free in the label. Organic is not necessarily antibiotic free. Antibiotic-Free usually indicates it is also Grass-Finished (grass-fed applies to all animals), Pasteurized and Humanely Raised, but those are good labels too.
  • With fish, look for Wild Caught and ideally Sustainably Fished.

I focus on these simple rules of thumb because they are easy to live by.

There are other buzzwords out there but many are vanity terms that mean little. If you are curious, dig further.

Happy Eating!

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