Lobster, Love & Slowing Down


Lobster, Love & Slowing Down

Sometimes you just need a little tail.

Whether it’s lobster, love or sitting on our bums, slowing down to take care of ourselves and those we love is one of the best things we can do.

Clams and blueberry crisp shared with loved ones are better than eating a pound of kale alone.

Last weekend about 65 of us joined Uncle Stuart in Maine to celebrate his 100th birthday. “How does one get to be 100?” I asked. “What’s your secret? “ Stuart says it’s “having fun doing it and everybody being happy!

Good advice. Did we have fun and indulge? Absolutely. Did we feel it the next day? Maybe. Ok, I am still feeling the dairy. But the memories will keep us happier and more alive for months.

So go ahead, indulge with those you love. Create space for what’s important.

That’s where the fireworks are.

Happy 4th,

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