Transform Your HEART With ART

I am excited to share a process with you that has been amazingly transformative for me and now for others in workshops.

It’s called Paint Transform.

It began innocently one day in Brazil.

Painting following my brush, I was musing over my last relationship, heart still tight, terrified of getting hurt again. Unconsciously, my brush painted peace, a way to move forward with wisdom. It was my inner guru.

And the tightness vanished. I felt light, hopeful for the first time in months. It was cathartic.

Art therapy has been used for years to provide insight into serious illness. I contend there is a much broader application: to use painting as a simple tool to see and transform our hearts.

Why It’s So Powerful

You solve your problem.

You become the solution. Rather than seeing what you want to do, but having no idea how to get there, your emotions have already shifted. You are already there.

Results you may experience through this process:

  • Listening to your inner guru & what you really want
  • Letting go of painful events
  • Forgiveness

Get your Paint on and Start your own Transformation!
No artistic experience needed.

Join us for the next Paint Transform Workshop
Sunday, August 4th 1-4pm @ Studio Anya, 49 West 24th St, 8th Fl. NYC

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Happy Painting,

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